We combine our environmental practice with our commitment to our community in supporting the neighbourhood we would all like to live in

Pacific Steel are acutely aware of the impact a business can make on our community both positively and negatively. We work actively to make our communities better places to live and to work through our environmental focus and our outward community interests.

As a measure of reducing possible site dust we recently installed a protective bund as a partitioning barrier between our site and our neighbours houses. Extensive plantings of native titoki and pohutukawa trees were then developed on the bund, creating further noise and dust screens. The native plantings were extended throughout the site, with GRIPCHIP aggregate used to control weeds around the plantings. A gradual increase in bird life was noted around the mill, with increased numbers of pukekos, swans, ducks and tuis taking up residence.

Dust reduction across the site is also achieved through the use of water from our wetland. Water from the wetland is used to suppress dust from the stockpiles and from unsealed roads on-site, and is used in the crusher that produces the aggregate.

A gradual increase in birdlife has been noted around the mill, with increased numbers of pukekos, swans, ducks and tuis taking up residence.

There have been a number of benefits from the steps taken to reduce the dust, noise and visual pollution. The site is enhanced for neighbours around the mill, a richer environment has been created for people working on the site, and there is a greater sense of pride of place within the mill community. The investment in the site is matched by continuing investment in technology and processes within the mill operations to improve environmental performance.

Extensive work within the plant ensures all dusty air is contained, extracted and treated. Investments such as these ensure the mill is operating at European best practice standards and is able to consistently meet the conditions of its air discharge consent.

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Environmental Choice Specification (EC41-15)

In March of 2016 Pacific Steel were assessed to the new flat and long steel products specification by Environmental Choice New Zealand and obtained the Environmental Choice Eco-label.

As a Type I Eco-label, EC41-15 takes into account the lifecycle impact of the product, is audited independently by a third-party, uses multi-criteria assessment and meets the ISO 14020/24 principles. This rigorous multi-criteria assessment and independent third party verification process gives businesses (and consumers) the confidence of having met the highest environmental standard.

The specification is a mark of approval for the great works the company have put in over the years in preserving our environment and producing our products efficiently with minimal impact on our community.