28 February 2017

From time to time NZGBC, the Green Building Council of New Zealand, release technical clarifications to inform their industry on the best practice and practical applications of the Greenstar Standard in New Zealand.  

The October 2016 a clarification was released in consultation with Pacific Steel to ensure that projects currently lodged with the V2009 Standard could utilize the latest standard of V3 criteria for their materials portion of the points structure.  The purpose of the release was to ensure that current standards could be applicable for all older projects that may have been lodged before the V3 standard was released in 2015.

A summary of the clarification is below, for more information see the Greenstar Website HERE .

"A project registered under Green Star V2009 may use the V3 credit criteria (with associated documentation requirements) for the following credits :

  • ENE-6 Energy Sub-metering
  • ENE-7 Peak Energy Demand Reduction
  • MAT-6 Timber
  • MAT-7 Concrete and Aggregate
  • MAT-8 Steel
  • WAT-2 Water Meters"