How To Identify SEISMIC® Products

Bar Markings

All SEISMIC® Grade 500E and Grade 300E products by Pacific Steel are rolled with our unique bar markings to assist in identification on site.  

Our bar markings assist Builders, Specifiers, and Inspectors in identifying our products as being New Zealand made product produced by Pacific Steel to the local Standard.

To ensure all the steel on your site is made by Pacific Steel to our local standards, be sure to look for either our rolled SEISMIC® brand, or the Dot/Dash combinations.

300E or 500E Grades

Our unique bar markings allow users to quickly identify if their product is a Pacific Steel SEISMIC® grade 300E or 500E product - see diagrams demonstrating the unique bar markings below:

Grade 500E, Dot 2 Dashes or a Gap before the SEISMIC® brand

500E diagrams2

Grade 300E, 2 Dots or No Gap before the SEISMIC® brand

300E diagrams2