Zero Harm - Our Number One Priority

Here at Pacific Steel we hold Health and Safety as the number one priority in everything we do. Our 'Zero Harm - Safe Business, Great Business' campaign was launched back in 2007 and has been a cornerstone in the way we treat health and safety on our site ever since.

With much thanks to the work of our dedicated team of Health and Safety professionals, as well as the everyday staff member on the shop floor or office desk; we have achieved and maintained an excellent safety record that we continue to monitor and improve upon.

Both the 'Best Neighbourhood' competition and the weekly, 'Health and Safety Awards' initiatives were recognised as key factors in our nomination as leaders in our industry for our health and safety practices. Our site was acknowledged for our efforts in improving our safety culture, when we were awarded with the 'Best Site Improvement Award' in 2008 by the Australian Steel Institute.

Far beyond any award, the true prize of our health and safety initiatives can be found in the teamwork mentality seen across the company. Our staff take pride in looking after themselves and looking out for one-another and this mentality is greater than any other prize.

Our staff live by the culture that safety effects everyone, from an accountant in an office to the machine operators on the rolling mill floor. Through a greater understanding of the company's safety dynamics, and our unique working environment, our staff have gained a deeper respect for their fellow co-workers and their own safety.

We are proud of our safety culture, and relish in the knowledge that health and safety is never negotiable here at Pacific Steel.

Stay safe.