Project Detail

From the 900m2 brewhouse to the 45,000m2 packaging and warehouse hall the full site covers a total of 55,000m2. This huge development required close collaboration between designers Beca (who also managed engineering procurement and project and construction management), the main contractor, Mainzeal, and process equipment technology experts, Krones AG. The primary focus of the project was to ensure that the best expertise and equipment and plant was in place to ensure Lion was able to brew, bottle and distribute a high quality product

Product Supply

Around 700 tonnes of Pacific Steel's micro-alloyed reinforcing bar was supplied to Mainzeal by reinforcing steel fabrication specialists, ReoFab. The sourcing of steel from Pacific Steel in Otahuhu, glass from nearby Onehunga, concrete from East Tamaki, all close to the project site, all contributed to a significant reduction in emissions associated with transporting materials for the project. The facility has a projected life span of 100 years, with our steel at its heart.