SEISMIC® Grade 500E Reidbar™ Overview

In addition to the SEISMIC® 500E reinforcing bar range, Pacific Steel also rolls a range of Reidbar™ under licence to Reid Construction Systems. This bar uses the same 500E micro alloy steel as seen in our SEISMIC® 500E bars but is a threaded bar, which can be cut and joined on site using one of the many Reidbar™ connector systems.

This steel meets the demanding requirements of the seismic structural design methods employed in New Zealand as required by local Standards (AS/NZS 4671). This reinforcing derives its superior strength and ductility by micro-alloying the steel with small vanadium additions. Grade 500E MA steel is readily: weldable (refer AS/NZS 1554.3), identifiable by registered bar marks and hot or cold bent ( refer to NZS 3109), and can be threaded and galvanised.

Test Certificates are available for every production batch of this product.


Featured Project

Grade 500E reinforcing is our highest strength ductile steel for use in a number of reinforcing applications.  One of the most well documented projects on record was the New Lynn Rail Trench.

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SEISMIC® Grade 500E Reidbar™ Reinforcing Steel

Chemical Analysis
Max % 0.22 0.050 0.050 0.49

All figures are weight percentage values.

Specified Physical Properties
Yield Stress (MPa)Tensile Ratios (Rm/ReL)Uniform Elongation at Maximum Load (%)
500– 600 1.15 – 1.40 min 10%

Yield, ratio and elongation limits are characteristic values.

Mass Tolerance

Specific Mass Tolerance for all bat diamieters = nominal mass per metre ± 4.5%.

Normally Available Package
Bar Diameter2 Tonne Deformed Bar BundleBar Length Availability
12mm D500E12 - REID 6-18m*
16mm D500E16 - REID 6-18m*
20mm D500E20 - REID 6-18m*
25mm D500E25 - REID 6-18m*
32mm D500E32 - REID 6-18m*

* at 1m Increments

Bundle Weight Calculator

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