Structural - PACIFIC STEEL™ Rod Feed Overview

High tensile. high ductility, PACIFIC STEEL™ 500E plain carbon steel, manufactured in coils to be further processed into high ductility reinforcing mesh. This reinforcing derives its superior strength and ductility by micro-alloying the steel with small vanadium additions.

Available as plain (not deformed) coils, this product is processed by specialist manufacturers into ductile reinforcement for concrete.

This steel also meets the demanding requirements of the seismic structural design methods employed in New Zealand as required by the reinforcing steel Standard AS/NZS 4671.

PACIFIC STEEL™ grade 500E MA steel is readily:

  • Welded (refer AS/NZS 1554.3)
  • Identifiable by registered barmarks
  • Hot or cold bent (for procedures refer to NZS 3109)
  • Can be threaded and galvanised

Test Certificates are available for every production batch of this product from Pacific Steel.